Franconia Koelsch

A light golden refreshing German Beer. It is very popular in the mid Region of Germany.

(also called Cologne) .

The Koelsch is brewed with Two Row Pale Malt, Malted Wheat, and Munich malt. The special ale yeast is used to give it a hint of citrus aroma and floral smell. The taste is light and refreshing with some citrus in the beginning and a nice dry hoppy finish with a little sweetness coming through at the end. This Beer is perfect for the spring time and with his 4.8 ABV easy to manage one more.


Franconia Lager

Our lager is a  full bodied southern German style lager. It is deep golden in color and contains a  malty sweetness throughout the whole pint.

Brewed with a traditional Bavarian Lager yeast aged at least 6 weeks, makes this beer smoth to drink and the 4.8% alc/vol makes this a good year around Beer. We use only Two Row Pale malt and some Munich malt in this beer.


Franconia Wheat (Hefeweizen)

This is an original German Hefeweizen Brewed with over 50% malted wheat and original Bavarian wheat yeast. “A must try!” Our Traditional fermentation brings out an explosion of  banana, orange, and clove aromas and flavors.  Also 4.8% alc/vol. Dont miss out to try some German flavors here in Texas.


Franconia Octoberfest

A German Brewery without an Octoberfest wouldn’t be German. Our Octoberfest beer is brewed to exhibit an amber colored Mearzen.  Full Body, malty, and some German Hersbrucker Hops makes this 5% alc/vol beer the pefect celebration drink durng the Octoberfest Season. Available from September 1st  – “till it runs out “.


Franconia Alt

This Beer is still in the creation phases. Expect an amber colored Beer with some nice caramell, malty beginning and add a hopy finish to it. It will be brewed to the traditional Alt Beer guidelines with original Alt yeast.


Franconia Kristall Weizen

This German wheat beer is a separate recipe from our regular wheat. Our Kristal Weizen has more citris aromas and flavors than our wheat and is filtered Kristall clear. The Carbonation is a little higher to make this the perfect refreshment for summer. The 4.7%/vol make it an easy to drink Beer. Because it is fermented with the same yeast as the wheat, it also brings out fruity flavors.


Franconia Pils

Our early spring beer is a light golden German style Pils. Brewed with traditional Cech Saaz Hops and a german Lager yeast,  this a true German pilsner with a nice hop aroma and  dry finish.  4.8 % alc/vol.


Franconia Dunkle

Dark Lager with some Mocca notes and a dark chocolate finish.


Don`t forget about our other seasonals!

The Falling Bock dark Bock beer with 7%, our Winter wheat a dark wheat douple Book with over 9%, and for sure the Maibock during Mai with 6.5%!!