To brew clean pure beers with the environment being priority in our brewing process and production practices. Maintain energy efficient building-setting up own power plant, utilizing 3 different renewable energy sources, powering the brewery and have a buy back contract with our power company. With solar being the biggest energy contributor for us we are happy to operate in Taxes; Left over grain is donated as Cow and Kettle feed to local farmers to farmers; Landfill free facility, Beers are brewed strict to the German Puritan law which allows only Water, Hops Barley and yeast in brewing process and completely free of any additives and GMO ingredients.

  • We are environmentally friendly
  • All power produced on site through 100% renewable sources
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Beers brewed strict to the German Puritan law-water, hops, barley and yeast
  • Provide local farmers with spent grain
  • We reuse up to 86% of the water coming into our facility
  • Free of any additives and GMO ingredients
  • Landfill free facility

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