GERMAN STYLE ALE with ABV: 4.8% : A light golden refreshing German Beer. It is very popular in the mid Region of KOELSCH Germany(also called Cologne). The Koelsch is brewed with Two Row Pale Wheat, and Munich Malt. The special ale yeast is used to give it a hint of citrus aroma and floral smell. The taste is light and refreshing with some citrus in the beginning and a nice dry hoppy finish with a little sweetness coming through at the end.
The SilverStar Bock is brewed with a blend of Two Row, Munich and Caramel malts. Finished with some Northernbrewer Hops that gives this Bock ale a malt sweet aroma with some caramel and a slight hop note in the finish.
TRIPEL DUNKEL with ABV: 10.34% : This robust Dunkel is brewed with Belgian yeast to give it the strong flavor and aromas of dark chocolate with some fruit notes to it. A balanced roastiness that is almost mocha like. With the ABV weighing in at a hearty 10.34% and an IBU of a mere 22 you will quickly discover whether you have the stamina of Franconia Strongman!.

Available in: six pack

KOLSCH also available individually in:
(13.2 gal, 1/6 barrel, six pack)

Silver Star Bock also available individually in:
(13.2 gal, 1/6 barrel, six pack, 4/6/12 Bottles)

TRIPEL DUNKEL also available individually in:
(13.2 gal, 1/6 barrel, four pack)

The Franconia Brewing Company legacy can be traced back over 220 years to the Franconia region of Germany. Today, in the heart of McKinney, TX, we proudly honor the tradition of naturally brewing THE BIER FROM HERE by remaining compliant with Reinheitsgebot and using environmentally-friendly processes. We remain committed to creating great tasting, authentic German-style bier, while embracing a passion to explore and innovate with new flavor experiences.

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